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The creation of the Olive Tree

The first reference to the olive tree in Greek mythology was when Pallas Athena, Zeus' favourite daughter, was arguing with Poseidon, the God of the Sea, about the name that should be given to the city that was founded by Cecrops, the first king of Attica, and they had to establish the most useful thing for a man.

The Goddess Pallas drove her spear into the ground making an olive tree appear that could give light and food, cure sicknesses and alleviate the suffering of men. An olive tree as a symbol of peace, light and life, as opposed to Poseidon, who offered a horse, a symbol of strength, power and war.

Ancient Greeks considered the olive tree as a symbol of Olympic ideals; Peace, Wisdom and Glory. The only prize that would crown champions was a wreath.

Pallas Athena the Greek goddess is known for her courage and her wisdom. Olive trees, owls and snakes are a few of her symbols which evidently also all appear in and around the Nicholenas estates, the Home of Pallas Athena fine products. Our fine olive orchards have been welcomed in the somewhat semi-desert area of Southern Africa.

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